Friday 01.12.17, 19:00
‘Built environment’: Why the city is not only about buildings (Lectures)

Learn how habits, media, and culture affect the ‘built environment’ and who is building it from architect, design strategist, and Strelka tutor Nicolay Boyadjiev 








BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov, 46 Kostyukov street, Belgorod


English with simultaneous translation into Russian

The physical urban environment is changing slowly and uneasily. For example, it takes years or even decades to build a new road or high-rise, while changes in everyday life overtake the pace of urban construction by several times. Therefore, designers invent new tools to influence the environment that has already been built.

For example, paid parking was introduced to get rid of endless traffic jams and make roads safer in large cities. Parking applications and payment machines — a software that was invented in Belgorod — now operate across Russia, from St. Petersburg to Kazan. And map applications with public transport tracking help to save time. People decide which route to use by themselves, and sometimes they choose non-obvious options. The city then has to adjust: inefficient routes that have been working for years become empty, and the infrastructure changes. Today, the way of life, culture and habits of urban dwellers can influence and change the physical city.

In the new ‘built environment’, the needs and desires of urban dwellers are becoming of primary importance. Today it is important for architects to not only understand how to work with physical objects, but also how to operate with new tools, cultural environments, and ideas that inspire people. At this lecture, Nicolay Boyadjiev, architect and graduate and tutor of Strelka Institute, will speak on how the concept of the ‘built environment’ is expanding and which city projects affect it. The lecture will also focus on what qualities young urban planners should have in order to sense changes and respond in time.

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