Saturday 02.12.17, 15:00
What can be done before bicycle paths (Lectures)

The creator of the Let's bike it! project will speak on why winter is not an excuse to get off the bike and how mass events change the city 








BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov, 46 Kostyukov street, Belgorod



The Belgorod administration plans to open new bike routes. They haven’t announced the timing yet, but there are already options for route names already: the ‘Student’ route and the ‘Weekend’ one. As you can guess by the name, the first bicycle path will be built between the main educational institutions: from BSTU, passing by the new building of BelSU, to BUKEP. The second route will have a total length of 46 kilometers and will connect several separate routes; for example, Belgorod — Solomino — Tavrovo — Dubovoe. The city administration offers all residents a chance to participate in the route planning. Anyone can send ideas via e-mail until November 7.

One of the first bicycle popularizers in Russia, Vladimir Kumov, will explain how to persuade people to switch to a bicycle and what can be done to achieve this today. He will share his experience in the development of cycling, will explain how to find partners from business and government, and give examples of various actions in Russia and Europe. He will also explain how to expand the audience for similar events and create an image of the city that attract tourists and is loved by people.

In 2010, Vladimir Kumov came up with the ‘Let's bike it!’ project. Angry with traffic jams and sidewalks covered with cars, he decided to make the city more convenient. ‘Let’s bike it!’ is now the largest bicycle culture development project in Russia, and the organizer of the All-Russia ‘To work on a bicycle’ action and the Moscow bike-parades. The founders of the project consider it their mission to popularize the bicycle as an affordable and environmentally friendly means of transportation that is easy and convenient to use all year round. Since 2015, Vladimir Kumov has also been an adviser to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation.

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