Sunday 03.12.17, 12:00
How to start your project and make the city comfortable (Lectures)

Learn what you need to pay attention to while developing a project from scratch, what the difference is between price and value, and how to find your niche from the executive director of the Strelka Institute and the co-founder of the online school Vector Olga Polishchuk 








BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov, 46 Kostyukov street, Belgorod



Entrepreneurship today is one of the main tools for residents to transform cities themselves. Some open their own businesses, others use goods and services. Ones own business is not only a path to self-realization, but also a way to create useful projects that make other people’s lives more interesting and convenient. This applies to both commercial and non-commercial projects, local community initiatives or large companies. A shoe repair shop, a bicycle rental, a restaurant search application, a summer festival, a charity event, a coffee shop or a car wash — all these projects solve pressing problems. The main thing is to know where and for whom you are opening your business, and what these people need and will choose.

What prevents novice entrepreneurs and urban initiatives? Is it possible to develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking? What should you pay attention to when developing any project from scratch? And how is price different from value? These and other questions about entrepreneurship will be answered by co-founder of the Vector online school for urban entrepreneurs and executive director of the Strelka Institute Olga Polishchuk.

Olga Polishchuk is the executive director of the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design, and a specialist in the field of social and media communications, as well as creative industry management. In 2013 she headed the first positive crowdsourcing project in Russia, ‘What Moscow wants’, at Strelka and then created the Vector online school based at the Institute, which teaches the entrepreneurial way of thinking through interactive techniques. Prior to joining Strelka, Polishchuk was the chief editor of The Village online media platform.

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