Sunday 03.12.17, 14:00
How to speak about your project in order to be noticed (Discussions)

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your pitch by presenting your project to experts and an audience, get comments, and share your experience with colleagues 








BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov, 46 Kostyukov street, Belgorod



Knowing what a successful presentation is and how to present your idea or project is important today for any professional. No matter what we do, every day every one of us tells other people stories to gain their interest, get what we want, or get the message across. With the help of a short presentation, you can convince investors, future customers, partners, journalists, or like-minded people.

This discussion is a training base where each participant will be able to speak about their project to a wide audience, check the strength of their idea, and also get feedback from experts in the field of media, communications, and entrepreneurship. Experts will comment on the project presentation: what is clear from the presentation; how to emphasize certain points to get investors, media, or potential clients interested; how to tell about the essence of the project without a lot of background information; and what other things would be worth adding.

Apply for participation in the discussion and present one of 5 projects for citizens and experts to learn about. Social, entrepreneurial, and cultural projects are invited to participate.

The list of experts will be announced separately.

A presentation is a public event; you can also come in as a viewer to learn about others' projects, listen to expert advice, and have a great time. Each presentation is given exactly 5 minutes, followed by 7 minutes of questions and expert comments.

To participate in the event, fill out the linked application form through November 22. All projects will go through a competitive selection process; the results will be announced on November 27, when the Strelka Institute team will connect with each potential participant.

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Strelka Week is held with the support of the Belgorod Region Government and the Department of Construction and Transport of the Belgorod Region.