Friday 01.06.18, 19:00

Mobility and migration. Two studies examine what makes people move to another city, what conditions are key to making this happen, and whether cities can control this flow 

HR departments at large corporations are concerned that professionals refuse to move to smaller towns even for several years, and despite high compensation and hefty bonuses. Research conducted by Strelka KB shows that Russians are mostly worried about the availability of schools and kindergartens when planning their relocation. How can a city attract the right people? How to provide them with the adequate infrastructure and life quality?

Mikhail Alekseyevskiy, head of the Strelka KB Center for Urban Anthropology, and Dmitry Oparin, an Ethnology Department professor at MSU’s Faculty of History, will explain how big cities and small towns take up these challenges. Using two major studies as examples, they will talk about the expectations of labor migrants in Moscow and oil and gas managers and engineers in a small town. To what extent are people ready to change their lifesyles and transform cities to fit their needs? Alekseyevskiy and Oparin will also discuss the practical benefits of using mixed research methods.

The lecture will be interesting for anthropologists, urban specialists, and HR specialists, as well as those who intend to move to another city due to work-related reasons, and those who hire non-local employees in various fields.

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Mikhail Alekseyevskiy is the founder and head of the Strelka KB Center for Urban Anthropology. The Center devises and conducts academic research aimed at solving practical tasks related to human settlement development and improving the social and cultural life of urban communities. He is the author of over 80 academic papers in urban anthropology and modern folklore.

Dmitry Oparin has a PhD in History and is an Ethnology department professor at Moscow State University’s Faculty of History. He is also a research fellow at the Institute for Social Policy, NRU HSE.

The lecture will take place as part of the Urban Anthropology 1+1 series of lectures, discussions, and workshops on unconventional solutions to urban challenges and research methods that could help discover them. The project is organized in partnership with the Strelka KB Center for Urban Anthropology.