Thursday 28.06.18, 18:30
Interactive Football Championship is a Reality (Discussions)

What are the inner mechanics of cyberfootball? How videogames attract and retain millions of users? These and other issues will be discussed by the head of EA Russia with an expert in streaming and blogging 










english with simultaneous translation into Russian

Football simulation videogames are enjoyed by millions of gamers around the globe. They create their own leagues and compete with each other without leaving their flats. If you own a gaming console, you probably own the latest version of FIFA as well.

Nowadays simulation games are extremely realistic, with virtual players moving like their live prototypes, but only a couple decades ago they looked more like a weird anime. Hundreds of game designers, 3D animators, sound engineers and developers involved in the release of each new FIFA game make all efforts to ensure that FIFA remains the best-selling game in Russia and the whole world. How does the company manage to surprise its millions-strong gamer community each year? And what are the ongoing changes in gaming industry?

Wide recognition of games such as FIFA 2018 is followed by interest in professional cyberfootball community. Its scale can already be compared to real-life sports: cybersport tournaments are shown at stadiums, just like actual football games. How can you become a cyberathlete right now? The experts will discuss how and when to launch your first stream, and the difference between online game streams and other types of blogging.


— Tony Watkins, General Director of EA Russia

— Aleksandr Senatorov, expert in cyberblogging and PR manager at Kefir.Media

Strelka Institute football program is a series of 8 public talks where football is examined as a cultural phenomenon. It will feature football experts, stadium managers, designers and cyberbloggers, as well as football players and commentators, the direct participants of the World Cup. We invite to participate all the football fans and anyone who keeps an eye on trends in clothes manufacturing, videogames, development and marketing.

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