Tuesday 03.07.18, 18:30
The History of Football Culture (Lectures)

On the date of England’s decisive game at the World Cup we will discuss the essence of the British style. How it affected the fashion design from street fashion to catwalk? When it appeared and was developed in Russia? 









Football fans subculture originated in England and has spread far beyond the stadiums, becoming the global phenomenon characterized by the British style in clothes and its own trends. Large chequered patterns, tartans, mackintoshes, football scarves, comfy polos and Harrington jackets – one can see the influences and references anywhere, both in mass market and in haute couture.

Supporters in the USSR began to pay attention to what they wear in 1970s, and the appearance of the first Soviet “hipsters” had little or no difference from their British counterparts. The British style reached its peak in Russia in the 1990s, when football games regularly went hand in hand with violent clashes between rival firms, and a football fan could be easily recognized by his looks.

How does contemporary fashion deal with the British style heritage? What football symbols and codes do clothes manufacturers use? What happens to the supporter culture in Russia nowadays? We will talk about these issues with Dmitry Oskes, curator, designer, co-founder and ideologist of Faces & Laces exhibition. Dmitry is an expert in subcultures and a collector of clothes. He studies street culture and processes from the inside, works with brands that share a philosophy synonymous with fashion and contemporary culture.

Strelka Institute football program is a series of 8 public talks where football is examined as a cultural phenomenon. It will feature football experts, stadium managers, designers and cyberbloggers, as well as football players and commentators, the direct participants of the World Cup. We invite to participate all the football fans and anyone who keeps an eye on trends in clothes manufacturing, videogames, development and marketing.

Strelka football program is powered by Levi’s.