Saturday 07.07.18, 19:00
Mustache of Hope: Changes in attitude of fans towards the Russian national team (Discussions)

Ahead of the quarterfinal game against Croatia, we invited bloggers to discuss the moods, topics and memes that have surrounded the games of our national team during this World Cup 











Russia will play in the FIFA World Cup quarterfinal for the first time in its history. Before the start of the tournament, many doubted that it would even qualify for the playoffs. Supporters mocked rather vague answers of the Russian coach, discussed poor performance of its center backs, and were shocked by surprising picks in the starting squad - that, combined with the usual jokes about Russian football.

As the tournament went on, the attitude of supporters towards the national team changed completely, and the Internet is the best evidence to this. If previously everyone joked about the “record” of our goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev, who weте without a cleen sheet in the Champions League for 43 matches, after the game against Spain, even the Russian central bank uses pictures of his crucial safe in its social networks accounts.

Online commenters are, as usual, the least picky in choosing words. How did the mood of their posts change before the start of the tournament and after each game? What did they write about the players and the head coach? What memes did they come up with? On the day when Russia plays against Croatia, we will discuss with the famous bloggers how the Russian online community "changed their shoes" in their attitude towards the national team.

Participants of the discussion

— Karen Adamyan, commentator of Match.TV, author of Entourage channel on Youtube
— Anatoly 'Nogotochky' Kapustin, microblogger, owner of the eponymous Twitter account about memes
— Valery Lomovitsky, administrator of a Telegram channel Mutko Protiv

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