Monday 09.07.18, 19:30
What Users Want (Lectures)

Education and Public Spaces: Creating the Perfect User Experience 











What do game development, education, and urban design have in common? In all these spheres, people are the end consumers, while developers aim to make their products as convenient and attractive for users as possible. In order to do this, they need to understand how similar products are used now, what the demands and requests of the reference group are, and what factors affect the final decision. This meeting of the ' Urban Anthropology 1+1' series will look at the ways to understand and improve user experience while creating new products or customizing existing ones.

In almost every Russian city you will find a central square with a Lenin monument in it. But are the scenarios to use these urban spaces the same across the country? What makes a lesson more productive and memorable, given the same teaching methods and even the same teacher? How can awareness of UX can help both a foreign language teacher and an urban planner? Using the outcomes of the gentrification project implemented in Russian cities for the FIFA World Cup as an illustration, Mikhail Alekseyevskiy, head of the KB Strelka Center for Urban Anthropology, will explain how the local students’ leisure activities influenced the renovation of a boulevard in Kemerovo, and why the interests of piligrims and skateboarders were taken into account while zoning a square in Voronezh. Mikhail Karpov, product director at Skyeng English language online school, will explain how tracking the speaking time of both teachers and students show can improve the quality of lessons.

The lecture will attract professionals from various fields, including marketing specialists, analysts, product developers, and urban planners.

Mikhail Alekseyevskiy is the founder and head of the KB Strelka Center for Urban Anthropology. The Center designs and conducts academic and applied research to improve urban development, as long as social and cultural life of neighborhoods and communities. He is the author of over 80 academic papers on urban anthropology and modern folklore.

Mikhail Karpov is a product director at Skyeng English language online school and the former head of multimedia services at social network VKontakte. He is also the co-founder of Product Camp Russia (&EE), the largest Russian-speaking community for product managers. Product Camp holds events for various professional spheres, from marketing research to the introduction of products to the market.

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The lecture will take place as a part of the 'Urban Anthropology 1+1' series of lectures, discussions, and workshops on unconventional solutions to urban challenges and research methods that could help discover them. The project is organized in partnership with KB Strelka Center for Urban Anthropology.