Thursday 12.07.18, 18:00
Binary District x Strelka: Future of Digital Transformation (Discussions)

Open discussion featuring Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and the founder of Waves and Vostok, Alexander Ivanov, about the growing influence of digital technologies 










english with simultaneous translation into Russian

Innovations now mean much more than just a desire to keep in step with the times and develop new technologies: digital transformation has become the key factor enabling breakthroughs in any area of activity. Proliferation of the open source movement, transformation of the journalism and publishing industry, sports, culture, communication, economy, business – the innovator himself is the only limit for transformation.

What will the next milestone in technology be? What are the prerequisites for digital transformation? International experts in digital technologies will discuss what enables scientists to achieve new breakthroughs on a daily basis, and how technologies have penetrated various spheres of our lives.


18:00-19:00. Welcome Reception
19:00-20:00. Panel Discussion

— Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia
— Alexander Ivanov, founder and CEO of Waves Platform and Vostok project
— Artem Liss, Regional Editor, Europe, BBC World Service

20:10-20:50. What’s Next in Tech?: Thrive in a ‘Wiki’ Future. A lecture by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

20:50-21:30. Q&A Session

Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia, Internet entrepreneur. Ranked by Forbes Magazine as a 'Web Celeb', Jimmy Donal Wales is a U.S. Internet entrepreneur, wiki pioneer, and technology visionary, who is best known as the Founder of Wikipedia, an international collaborative free content encyclopedia on the Internet, and the Wikimedia Foundation. He is also the founder of WikiTribune, a groundbreaking ad-free news platform that produces evidence-based journalism, and co-founder of Wikia, a privately owned free web hosting service he set up in 2004.

Alexander Ivanov is the founder of Waves Platform, a global public blockchain platform with a market cap of $1.7 billion (as of 19th December, 2017), which was crowdfunded 30,000 BTC ($18 million) in 2016, representing the second-largest successfully crowdfunded blockchain project (after Ethereum). In 2018 Ivanov has initiated a new grand-scale project Vostok to create the first usable blockchain solution for scalable digital infrastructure, helping to expand the global accessibility of blockchain.

The discussion will be held in English with simultaneous translation. You will be required to leave any ID document in order to receive the equipment.

The discussion is a part of Binary District X Strelka summer programme. The programme involves a series of educational events about digital technologies and innovations, featuring international business owners, scientists, public and political leaders.

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