Saturday 14.07.18, 19:00
How stadiums change the city (Discussions)

A public talk on how life around the Luzhniki Stadium will change once the FIFA World Cup™ is over 











The iconic Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro that hosted the final game of 2014 FIFA™ World Cup now stands empty. Even the fact that the city has four football clubs with rich history and armies of fans doesn’t help. The crucial game of this year’s tournament will take place in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on July 15th. However, this shouldn’t be the end of active use of the sports complex. Can the vast territory of Luzhniki be turned into a vibrant center for the city’s sports life?

FIFA World Cup™ only accelerated the transformation of Luzhniki that was long due. In addition to the Big Sports Arena, a variety of facilities will appear on the territory of the sports complex: from a tennis club to the Palace of Water Sports and a food court. What opportunities will the Muscovites gain with the opening of such a universal complex? How will the life of the district change once the construction works are completed? We will discuss these issues with Eduard Zernin, the first deputy general director of Luzhniki Sports Complex.

The leading architects were involved in the construction of new facilities at Luzhniki, and we will review their projects together with the invited experts during the discussion. They will assess the design and architectural plans of the projects that shape the new image of Luzhniki, and will explain how similar projects have changed other cities.

Strelka Institute football program is a series of 8 public talks where football is examined as a cultural phenomenon. The program will feature football experts, stadium managers, designers and cyberbloggers, as well football players and commentators, the direct participants of the World Cup. The program should be interesting for football fans and anyone who keeps an eye on trends in clothes manufacturing, is interested in videogames, their development and marketing.

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