Monday 30.07.18, 19:00
Business Digital Evolution (Discussions)

A discussion about transforming large and small businesses. Featuring the co-founder of Kickstarter, Charles Adler; VimpelCom’s Vice President for Digital Development, George Held; and Chief Executive of Rambler&Co, Rafael Abramyan 











Digital transformation brings about operational changes in traditional industries such as energy, transportation, and mechanical engineering. For businesses, it is a matter of competition and survival. But we’re not simply talking about new technologies and automation – digital transformation is a lengthy process that involves all aspects of corporate life, changing everything from business models to HR policies.

The list of widescale challenges is endless: developing new approaches to management, adjusting HR strategies, managing an evolving corporate culture, and implementing platform solutions and breakthrough security measures. What other factors will businesses have to face in the upcoming years? Which technologies should they use to transform corporate processes?

The discussion will feature Russian and foreign entrepreneurs, as well as technological innovators and visionaries. Among the myriad topics discussed will be the digital evolution of large and small businesses, the technology and resources required for switching to a new model, and the barriers and opportunities that companies deal with to ensure they remain competetive in digital economy.


19:00—19:55. Discussion, participants:

  • Charles Adler, co-founder and former head of design at
  • George Held, Vice President for Digital Development, VimpelCom
  • Rafael Abramyan, CEO, Rambler&Co

19:55-20:10. Q&A session with panel discussion participants

  • Moderator — Max Seddon, Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times

20:10—20:55. Lecture ‘Digitalisation of Business’ courtesy of Charles Adler, co-founder and former head of design at

20:50—21:10. Q&A session with Charles Adler

  • Moderator — Max Seddon, Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times

The discussion will be held in English with simultaneous translation. You will be required to leave ID as deposit to receive the equipment.

The discussion is a part of Binary District X Strelka summer programme. The programme involves a series of educational events about digital technologies and innovations, featuring international business owners and scientists, as well as civil and political leaders.

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