Saturday 11.08.18 – 12.08.18, 12:00
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Creating New Visual Language (Workshops)

How do you create a new universal sign that will be understood even outside the cultural context? During the two-day workshop, participants will develop a design that is isolated from the common patterns and visual codes under the guidance of Liza Enebeis and Stan Haanappel, experts from Studio Dumbar (Netherlands)  


11.08.18 – 12.08.18











Design language consists of recognizable cultural codes and references that are relevant here and now. How do we create a universal image that will remain relevant and comprehensible, even dozens of years down the line? What should design transform into in the future, when all cultural boundaries will be erased? During the two-day workshop, participants will create a visual image that will be understood by any audience, regardless of the time and context, under the guidance of Liza Enebeis and Stan Haanappel, experts from the Dutch Studio Dumbar.

Participants of the workshop will develop a design without relying on the usual visual signs and patterns that inform our daily communications; they will create a new visual language from scratch. The starting point for the designers will be a sound signal without additional introductory notes. They will decode the original message to begin communication. Firstly, they willuse a static monochrome symbol as a medium, and then an animated one. The workshop will end with the creation of an installation with screens and the presentation of projects.

The workshop provides an opportunity to:

  • Broaden your perception of design and learn how to solve professional tasks in an unconventional way;
  • Find new formats of communicating with the audience and experiment with visual language;
  • develop a new design model isolated from the usual context.

Studio Dumbar is a design firm specializing in branding, visual identity, and creating design languages for various media. It was founded by Gert Dumbar in 1977 and has since largely transformed modern Dutch design. Since 2016, Studio Dumbar has been part of ‘Dept’, an international digital network that helps companies adapt to the ever-changing digital reality. The studio’s portfolio encompasses numerous works that span from Dutch Police visual identity, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta poster series, the non-profit organization Alzheimer Nederland, and the complete rebranding of the airline Transavia. Studio Dumbar is the winner of multiple awards, including from the European Design Awards, Dutch Design Awards, Communication Arts Design Competition, and the Red Dot Competition for Communication Design.

Liza is the creative director and partner at Studio Dumbar. She graduated from the Parsons School of Design and the Royal College of Art in London. Liza began her career at the famous Pentagram studio. Her personal projects include, a popular typography and design podcast channel, and Letters to LoveLiza, an agony column where she shares advice with designers from all over the world.

Stan Haanappel is a visual and motion designer at Studio Dumbar. He is a graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, where he majored in graphic design. He won the Fontanel Dutch Design Talent award in 2017. His focus lies in typography and cutting-edge technologies, as well as in the search for unique approaches to design communication.

Workshop schedule

Saturday, August 11
12.00 Meeting with workshop participants, briefing
14.00 Deciphering the sound signal and creating a visual reply
16.00 Group presentation of concepts for symbols
17.00 Developing an animated symbol containing a message
18.00 Group presentation of concepts for animation

Sunday, August 12
12.00 Personal consultations with Liza and Stan, working with animation
15.00 Mounting the installation16.00 Project presentations

The workshop will benefit:

  • Students and prospective students of design and visual arts
  • Graphic and motion designers
  • Professionals in communications and new media
  • Bloggers from various platforms

The workshop will be held in English, so participants should have sufficient language skills.

Participants of the workshop will need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. These devices will be required to complete various tasks.

Applications will be accepted until August 7. Each applicant will be contacted by the Institute’s producer to confirm participation and payment. Should you have any questions, please contact Anastasiya Sinitsyna at

The event will be held with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Russia.