Wednesday 15.08.18, 19:30
It’s All About the Staff: How Research Helps HR Services (Lectures)

HR Policy: Fair Pay and HR Strategies in Corporations 











Corporations have currently become so complex that it’s not enough for HR-specialists to just fulfill the opening positions with appropriate candidates. What kind of human resources can cities offer, and where to look for next-generation professionals? How to ensure productive team-play between experienced and fresh employees, local staff and those who come from corporate offices in other cities? How to calculate a salary that would satisfy both the employer and the employee? One needs to consider all these aspects while developing efficient HR policy. During the next meeting of 'Urban Anthropology 1+1' series, we will look into why we shouldn’t forget about the specifics of urban environment when dealing with personnel.

Darya Radchenko, Deputy Head of KB Strelka Center for Urban Anthropology, will talk about challenges that HR specialists are facing. What problems do large companies have when hiring people in large cities? What consequences can relocation of an office to a different city have? And why proactive HR services shouldlook for attractive candidates among high-school students.

Egor Vorogushin, an expert at PricewaterhouseCoopers Russia, will examine the impact of geographical and historical aspects of Russian cities on job market. Why there is no point in setting a unified salary in all cities where the company is active? And what to do if Russian reality defies statistical analysis?

The lecture will attract НR professionals, corporate executives and experts in business development. The participants will learn about the latest techniques of solving staffing problems in large companies, such as statistical analysis, clustering, in-depth interview and participant observation.

Darya Radchenko, Deputy Head of KB Strelka Center for Urban Anthropology and researcher at RANEPA (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration). Author of over 50 academic papers on digital anthropology and Internet folklore, co-author of research on event practices in Saint Petersburg. Participant of My Street urban improvement program and a program to develop Russian mono-cities.

Egor Vorogushin, organizational design, workforce management and transformation manager at PwC Russia. Specializes in development of operational models and organization structures, establishing reward systems, HR research and analytics at Russian companies.

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The lecture will take place as a part of 'Urban Anthropology 1+1' series of lectures, discussions and workshops on unconventional solutions to urban challenges and research methods that could help finding them. The project is organized in partnership with KB Strelka Center for Urban Anthropology.