Monday 20.05.19, 20:00
One Step at a Time: How Communities Take Urban Environments into Their Own Hands (Lectures)

Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, authors of the best-selling book Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action for Long-term Change, will talk about simple but effective guidelines for urban transformation  










english with simultaneous translation into Russian

The 21st Century city is at an existential crossroads. The surge in urban living has resulted in new open spaces, less crime, more transit options, and invigorated local stewardship, but it has also exacerbated traffic congestion, created housing shortages, and increased geographic inequality and vulnerability to disaster — both natural and man-made. In 2011, Baltimore utility services failed to do lane marking on a newly paved road. After vainly filing multiple complaints with city authorities, Lou Catelli, a local activist, took control of the situation. Late one night, he painted a zebra crossing, stop lines, and a double solid line using spray paint. When the police arrived after being alerted to Lou’s actions, they didn't make a report. Instead they asked him to finish the task. Eventually, Baltimore authorities had the road marked properly.

According to Mike Lydon and Anthony Garcia, "Cities need big plans but also small tactics. Open streets initiatives are a possible planning tool, another way cities could reach and inspire their citizens, and a way for citizens to in turn inspire their governments to embrace change". Mike and Tony will demonstrate how unauthorized community-led efforts can address local urban challenges overnight, using Lydon's Miami 21 master plan as an example.

Mike Lydon is an author, city planner, activist, and principal withStreet Plans Collaborative. Mike received a B.A. in American Cultural Studies from Bates College and a Master’s in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. He developed the Miami Master Plan and Design Code. Mike currently serves on Transportation Alternative’s executive committee for the New York City Harbor Ring project, which is working on developing a 50-mile cycling route encircling New York Harbor. He is also an advisor to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.

Anthony Garcia is an architect, author, and principal withStreet Plans Collaborative. Anthony holds a B.A. in Architecture and Urban Design from New York University and a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Miami. He is the past chairman of the Green Mobility Network, the largest bicycle pedestrian advocacy organization in South Florida. Tony is active with the Association of Bicycle and Pedestrian Professionals, the Congress for the New Urbanism, the Dade Heritage Trust, and the Urban Environment League.

Mike Lydon's and Anthony Garcia's Tactical Urbanism: Short-term Action for Long-term Change is scheduled for release in April with Strelka Press.

The lecture will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. Receivers will be issued in exchange for an ID.

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