Tuesday 04.06.19, 11:00
Exhibition Organized by Children: From Idea to Reality (Workshops)

How to involve children in creating museum projects that would appeal to all ages 












Polish with simultaneous translation into Russian

Some experts still believe that children are a passive audience unable of making informed decisions. Anna Knapek of the National Museum in Warsawand Maria Wasińska–Stelmaszczyk of Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz couldn’t disagree more. In 2016, they created an exhibition named The “Anything Goes” Museum that was organized entirely by children. Sixty-nine young curators between the ages of 6 and 14 independently developed the exhibition concept, created the name, selected 300 exhibits, decorated the museum spaces, made the exhibit descriptions, and provided their vision on brochure design.

The workshop participants will develop a format of working with young audiences that could be used in existing museum projects. They will also learn:

  • How a participatory project can bring together all museum experts, from designers to restorers;
  • What methods and tools can help develop cooperation with children;
  • What is the role of tutors in participatory projects;
  • What challenges do curators face and how to steer clear of them;
  • What criteria could be used to assess participatory projects.

The workshop is best for:

  • Museum managers and curators;
  • Tutors and methodologists;
  • Exhibition experts, exhibition designers, and other museum experts.

The workshop will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

Please apply before May 30.

Contact vlaguzinskaya@polytech.one if you have any questions.

The event is organized by the Polytechnic Museum and Strelka Institute in the framework of city educational events of Polytech 2020 with the support of the Polish Cultural Center in Moscow.