Thursday 20.06.19, 21:00
The Tent by Dmitry Fetisov (Urban Anthropology)

The urban renewal department is about to eradicate the boot repair shop of Azad Babaev, an Azerbaijani migrant. The Tent is a movie based on a true story  






Urban Anthropology





Azad Babayev is an Azerbaijani street shoemaker living in St. Petersburg, but the future of his small business is uncertain: local urban renewal authorities have ordered his boot repair shop to be demolished.

The movie explores the daily routine of the migrant worker in the big city, and digs into the anthropological details of it. In his monologue, Azad shares funny stories from his life and describes talking to Putin in his dreams. In his free time, he seeks salvation in the poetry of Nizami Ganjavi and still manages to look to the future with hope.

The film will be presented by its director, Dmitry Fetisov, who will take part in a post-movie discussion and answer questions from viewers.

Dmitry Fetisov is a film director, a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, and a student of Konstantin Lopushansky and Vladislav Vinogradov. His recent works include SilentClock (2016), AutumnElegy (2015), and RememberingZhoraArgunovsky (2013).

The movie screening is taking place as part of the international conference Urban Inequalities vs. Urban Inclusion: Migration, Identity and Public Space, organized by the Higher School of Economics Institute for Social Policy,Strelka KB, a center for urban anthropology, and Oxfam.

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