Friday 21.06.19, 19:00
Ivan Dorn at Strelka. Public Talk (Lectures)

Ivan Dorn speaks about raising funds for musical instruments for Ukrainian teenagers and gathering young promising artists under one indie label  











Ivan Dorn is a daring innovator who defies the boundaries of the musical landscape. In his talk at Strelka, Ivan will explain where the journey of a track starts, where he draws his inspiration from, and why phone notes matter. He will talk about winning over post-Soviet audiences and being a household name at European music festivals. Most importantly, Ivan will share his insights on working with international brands and starting charity projects that make a difference.

June 21, 1982 saw the first Make Music Day initiated by Jack Lang, France's Minister of Culture, who was looking to promote music among regular people. Now this day is celebrated in thousands of cities in 120 countries, with professional and amateur artists performing in squares, parks, and gardens. On this very day, June 21, Strelka's courtyard will hold Dorn's lecture about Make Music Day. It is organized by JBL, an audio brand that dates back 73 years.

Ivan Dorn is a musician, producer, the mastermind behind Masterskaya Label, and a JBL ambassador. In 2010, Dorn began his solo career only to find himself on the pages of Vogue a couple of years later. In 2018, Ivan became actively engaged in charity: he set up Masaka Kids Africana, a functional music and dance school in Uganda staffed by local people, and started a fundraiser together with Kurazh Bazar flea market to help Ukrainian music schools.

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