Monday 15.07.19, 19:00
In Other Worlds. Day 1 (Lectures)

Join storyboard artist of “Rick and Morty” Douglas Olsen, art director of “Star Wars" Episodes VII and IX Claire Fleming and film director and speculative architect Liam Young for a series of talks about the design of imaginary worlds and the visual tools of cinematic storytelling  

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english with simultaneous translation into Russian

This evening is part of The New Normal series of events at Strelka.

Our perception of the world is largely shaped through the mediums of fiction. In film, games and television we have always imagined alternative worlds as a way of understanding our own world in new ways. Across two evenings, “In Other Worlds” brings together an ensemble of directors, concept artists, animators and storytellers for an expedition through an atlas of imaginary worlds, fictional cities and speculative geographies.

On day 1 of “In Other Worlds” we will jump in our spaceships to tour the multiverse and distant galaxies of Rick and Morty and Star Wars. Speakers will discuss how they bring these fictional worlds to life and take us the through the cinematic design process from script to screen.

  • 7pm–7:15pm — Liam Young's Intro
  • 7:15pm–7:45pm — Lecture by Claire Fleming
  • 7:45pm–8:15pm — Lecture by Douglas Einar Olsen
  • 8:15pm–9:00pm — Discussion with speakers by Liam Young + Q&A
  • Break — change of set-up for screening
  • 9:30pm–10:15pm — Live score of the anime-movie "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence" with live sound by Ezscreenings (Evgeniy Gorbunov and Andrey Lee).


Claire Flemingart director, director and producer. Working in the art departments of films for fifteen years including “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens”, “Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker”, “Ready Player One”, “Tomb Raider”, “Sherlock Holmes” and “Jason Bourne V”, Claire employs advanced technologies to bring the fictional worlds of fantasy and science fiction to life.

Lecture by Claire Fleming is organized with support from Disney Russia.

Douglas Einar Olsen — award-winning director and storyboard artist working in the TV and film industry. His cartoon animation projects include: “Rick & Morty” (season 3 and 4), “Sonic the Hedgehog” for Blur Studio, Adult Swim series “Venture Bros” and “Little Big Awesome” for Titmouse. He specializes in cinematic storytelling, high-paced action, thought-provoking visuals and strong draftsmanship.

Lecture by Douglas Olsen is organized with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Liam Young — film director, speculative architect, founder of the Urban Futures think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today and the nomadic research studio Unknown Fields. Young is a director of Fiction and Entertainment masters program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci_Arc) in Los Angeles and a core visiting faculty at Strelka. Young builds worlds for film and television to explore and protype the future of the city. His projects explore the increasingly blurred boundaries between fiction, documentary and design.

This evening is part of a larger series of The New Normal public events at Strelka marking the end of the three-year research program and think-tank. Curated by faculty, this series will investigate some of the core themes of the program, defining the new contemporary condition we call “the new normal”.

The lectures will be held in English, with simultaneous translation into Russian.

The New Normal event series is supported by Digital October.

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