Tuesday 16.07.19, 10:00
Storyboarding: Tips, Tools and Techniques (Workshops)

Make your own project with storyboard artist of “Rick and Morty” Douglas Olsen 













Using detailed storyboards, famed director Alfred Hitchcock liked to say his films were “finished before they were ever made.” Storyboarding can be a highly effective storytelling tool when pre-visualizing any piece of media, whether it be live action, animation, video games, or even VR.

In this workshop, we will explore the hidden language of storyboards through a series of targeted in-class exercises designed to illuminate the rudimentary tools of the trade as well as to develop an innovative approach to pre-visualization. Any artist can utilize these concepts and techniques to successfully produce thoughtful and effective storyboards as a means of expressing their own singular vision.

The workshop participants will make storyboards from both script-based and original concepts.

They will also learn:

  • tools to develop original ideas for storyboards;
  • techniques to visualize a basic storyboard applicable to a range of media;
  • ways to think about shot flow and how it can impact or enhance a narrative.

The workshop is well suited for:

  • graphic designers;
  • illustrators;
  • animators;
  • artists;
  • art directors in film industry.

Douglas Einar Olsen — award-winning director and storyboard artist working in the TV and film industry. His cartoon animation projects include: “Rick & Morty” (season 3 and 4), “Sonic the Hedgehog” for Blur Studio, Adult Swim series “Venture Bros” and “Little Big Awesome” for Titmouse. He specializes in cinematic storytelling, high-paced action, thought-provoking visuals and strong draftsmanship. Doug has also exhibited in fine art galleries as a video artist and sculptor.

The workshop will be held in English. Please note that translation will not be provided.

Applications are accepted until July 11. For all questions please contact workshop producer Larisa Molodyk: molodyk@strelkainstitute.com.

This workshop is part of a larger series of The New Normal public events at Strelka marking the end of the three-year research program and think-tank. Curated by faculty, this series will investigate some of the core themes of the program, defining the new contemporary condition we call “the new normal”.

The New Normal event series is supported by Digital October