Monday 12.08.19, 20:00
Experimentation as a Vital Part of Studio Practice (Lectures)

Partner and design director of London-based design studio SPIN, Claudia Klat, will talk about experiments and play as part of the working process and their influence on output  










english with simultaneous translation into Russian

People are subjected to more and more visual material in their daily lives, much of it they simply take no notice of. Being ignored is the worst thing that can happen to a piece of graphic design. To engage and interest an audience you need to offer them something new. To find new visual solutions, London-based studio SPIN has always made room for experimentation in all of its projects. In 2017, SPIN moved from a conventional office space into a bespoke studio situated in a garden where its team could do more handmade work, learn new programs and production processes, and research new disciplines.

Experimentation has a fundamental place in SPIN’s working process and a strong functional and practical place in its output. According to SPIN partner Claudia Klat, “ideas don’t always have a practical purpose, sometimes they’re conducted out of pure curiosity and playfulness. We are continually coming up with new ways of looking at things and keep extending our visual vocabulary. We’re spending time on experimentation not only for the purpose of creating new work – we keep challenging ourselves, pushing the boundaries, and get ourselves out of our comfort zone. It’s something that keeps us excited and motivated.” In her presentation, Claudia Klat will explain how moving into a new space opens new opportunities for play in SPIN’s work and how experiments help the team find new visual shapes for their projects.

Claudia Klat — design director and partner of SPIN design studio. After graduating from University of the Arts Zurich, she moved to London to begin her professional practice at the publishing house Unit Editions in the field of editorial and book design. She joined the SPIN design team in 2012. Claudia works alongside SPIN founder Tony Brook and the rest of the team on identities, books, marketing campaigns, motion graphics, packaging, and websites. Her personal experience includes projects for the BBC, Crafts Council, Dig Delve, Ministry of Sound, Proa Foundation, University for the Creative Arts, and Wallpaper magazine.

SPIN is a London-based design studio with an international reputation and a wealth of experience. They work at the very highest levels with global brands and internationally renowned companies. They are experts at delivering unique, elegant identities that are future facing and built to last, performing equally well on physical, digital, and environmental platforms. SPIN’s collaborative and rigorous studio process promotes experimentation and fresh thinking, supporting their clients’ desire to push the boundaries and make memorable and effective outcomes that add measurable value to the business.

The lecture will be held in English, with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. Receivers will be issued in exchange for an ID.

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