Saturday 07.09.19 – 08.09.19, 11:00
How to Read Your Project: Workshop for a Magazine of the Future (Workshops)

How can we imagine media in 2030? 


07.09.19 – 08.09.19






Studio Tri





The imagery of the future has been extended over the last century, fuelled by phenomena such as two world wars and the space race; engines of technological innovation have been adopted and taken on board by architecture, design, and the arts. After this century’s first twenty years, the workshop reverses the historical sense of the 21st century by inviting artists and designers to imagine a new magazine dedicated to the future – not necessarily to architecture, design, or the arts, but to the future itself.

The program is structured around the theme Small Russia: a concept that on one hand overturns the traditional view of Russia and invites us to look at the clues, signals, and details inherent in the transformation of both architecture and the city. On the other hand, the word “small,” posed in dialogical opposition to “big,” emphasizes the attention of design to generational specificity, to small talents and their values destined to grow over time.

The workshop focuses on creating a mock-up for a magazine of the future; a new communicative format set in 2030, interpreted as a device designed for cultural, geographical, and generational connections.

The participants will gain the following skills:

  • How to conceive an editorial project
  • How to build a flatplan of a magazine
  • How to complete a magazine mock-up
  • How to critically read a project

The workshop will result in the publication of the mock-up of a new concept of a future magazine.

The workshop is well suited for:

  • Journalists
  • Editors
  • Graphic designers
  • Architects
  • Artists

Guido Musante is an architect and curator. He completed a PhD in Urban Planning with Bernardo Secchi. Guido was a project architect before he started working in 2005 as a curator with Domus and a contributor to a number of other leading design and architecture magazines such as Interni, Elle Décor, and Mark. He has produced curatorial and communication projects for a wide range of companies and architectural and design offices. Guido has been a professor at the Domus Academy in Milan and is currently an honorary professor of Conceptual Inversion / Communication of Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Bogdan Peric is an architect and co-founder of Untitled Architecture. He graduated with a degree in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano, where he is currently completing a PhD and teaching Architectural Design. Bogdan has organized several conferences and produced curatorial projects such as the Russian Pavilion at the XXII International Exhibition “Broken Nature” in Triennale di Milano. He has also been invited as a guest lecturer and organized a workshop between Politecnico di Milano and Markhi (Moscow Institute of Architecture).

Please make sure you bring a laptop with graphics programs installed.

The workshop will be held in English. Please note that translation will not be provided.

Applications are being accepted until September 5. For all questions please contact workshop coordinator Marta Chursina:

The event is part of the Future Architect Conference organized in strategic partnership with DOM.RF and with support from the Ministry of Construction.