Monday 09.09.19 – 10.09.19, 11:00
From Power Station to Museum: Tour of the GES-2 (Tour)

For those who want to see how a former power plant is being transformed into a new urban cultural space  

Центр современной культуры фонда V-A-C в бывшей электростанции ГЭС-2 (C) Ville Hyvönen:


09.09.19 – 10.09.19









Officially listed as an object of cultural heritage, GES-2 is the largest object of its kind that is being revitalized in Russia. The reconstruction is based on an innovative project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. The authors of the project suggested restoring the historic look of the building and reimagining its internal space by incorporating principles of energy-efficient and sustainable architecture. For example, the glass roof of the machinery room will provide effective internal illumination during the day, while solar panels will bring down energy use. The building will house galleries, a learning centre, library, canteen, café, restaurant, an artists' residencies unit, and a flexible conference room. A birch grove will be planted on the premises.

The cultural space is due to be launched in 2020. The GES-2 tour is a unique chance to watch history in the making.

Tour duration: 40–60 minutes

Maximum group number: 10 people (screening upon application)


Monday, September 9

  • 11:00–12:00
  • 14:00–15:00

Tuesday, September 10

  • 11:00–12:00
  • 14:00–15:00

Tour instructions:

  • Participants under 18 are not allowed to apply or participate.
  • Strelka's producer will meet you at the entrance. Look for a sign saying "Future Architect, GES-2."
  • Please arrive early so as not to delay the tour. If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will not be allowed in.
  • Feel free to take photos and videos during your visit.
  • This is a construction site visit, so please wear appropriate clothes and shoes (refrain from wearing skirts, long dresses, etc.)
  • You'll be provided with a hard hat, vest, and boots. There will be a safety briefing before the tour starts.

The tour is organized as part of the Future Architect Conference together with V—A—C Foundation, in strategic partnership with DOM.RF and with support from the Ministry of Construction.

The Future Architect Conference offers lectures, discussions, and workshops with representatives of leading architectural firms, design studios, institutes, and development companies from the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, and Russia. To see the full program, click the link.

V—A—C Foundation was established in Moscow in 2009 by Leonid Mikhelson and Teresa Iarocci Mavica, who has been the director of the foundation since its inception. V—A—C produces new culture together with artists and audiences alike. Working with local communities, V—A—C promotes its exhibitions, publishing, and performative and learning programs beyond all disciplinary boundaries. It is a platform for open discussion aimed at redefining the contemporary landscape in art and culture, which underpins the foundation's work in international collaborations at V—A—C's own platform in Venice, as well as at its future home, GES-2, which will soon be launched in Moscow.