Saturday 30.11.19, 11:00
Workshop for Teenagers on creating chat-bots (Workshops)

Create your own chatbot which will become an instrument to explore the city 








Mayak school, Admiralty canal emb., 2/7



Chatbots in messengers help to solve many everyday practical issues – you can order a pizza, get an appointment with a doctor, find train tickets, or book a hotel room through them. Some are made to collect feedback from citizens. Cultural projects are also being created – such as atheatre walk, during which the participants are able to choose an actress actions through bot commands, or atexting game about underground Moscow, a curiosity-driven AI that uses live data inputs, archived materials, and user feedback to generate stories about the city.

Under the guidance of Natalia Tyshkevitch and Balaram Usov, the participants will learn how to create a collective chatbot. The new instrument for city exploration will help to expand reality through the use of mobile tools. After creating a chatbot, participants will test it together on the streets of the city and see how it interacts with the environment and citizens.

The result of the one-day workshop will be a collective chatbot in a messenger and a new map of one of St. Petersburg’s districts, based on discoveries made during the walk.

Natalia Tyshkevitch – computer linguist, digital researcher, graduate of The New Normal program at Strelka Institute. Works for DOXA magazine and the Higher School of Bugs.

Balaram Usov – mathematics student at the Higher School of Economics, developer of underwater robots and software for studying the environment of cities. Works for DOXA magazine and the Higher School of Bugs.

Applications are being accepted until November 24. Participants must be between the ages of 13 and17. The number of seats is limited. The list of selected participants will be announced on November 26th. To participate, fill out the form. For all questions, email

The workshop is being held as part of the In the City conference organised by Gazprom Neft and is part of the Rodnye Goroda / Hometowns social investment program. The program is managed by Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.