Thursday 19.06.14, 20:00
Multimedia day and night (PRESENTATION)

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Paolo Patelli and the participants of his workshop 'THE ROOMS AND THE BACKGROUND NOISE: POINTS AND FREQUENCIES AS MEDIA' will present the results of their research — a digital archive dedicated to the ZIL Culture Centre designed by Vesnin brothers.

Media-artist Valya Fetisov will speak about the use of so-called “Easter Eggs” in visual media. “Easter Eggs” refers to a type of secret or inside-joke implanted in video games, films, or software by their creators. Fetisov’s lecture will consider the phenomenon as a method of artistic practice, a kind of interface as well as a means to establish communication between an author and his work in the digital environment.

Following the lecture, Moscow sound artist Sergey Kasich will present a game from his series, “Oral Stimulations,” in the Strelka Courtyard. In its set-up, the game resembles Tetris, only to play it one must use his or her own voice. A high-pitched scream into a microphone will move the figure to the right, while a low-pitched one will send it to the left; a scream into the microphone of the second player can turn the figure around all together. In this aspect, the festival’s entire audience can participate, chipping in their voices as support.


Valya Fetisov — artist, graduate and instructor at the Rodchenko School of New Media. Participant of the Sharjah Biennial of Contemporary Art in 2013, as well as in the 89plus Art Marathon at the Serpentine Gallery in London, 2013. 

Sergey Kasich — sound-artist, graduate of the Strelka Institute, and founder of

The event is an eclectic series of events, among which are a workshop on data visualisation, a conference on digital archivalism, and an interactive multimedia exhibition and a concert. Together they form a platform for discussion of virtual structures that inform and influence modern models of text and information presentation. It is a laboratory for experimental inquiries into the nature of the digital realm and its intersection with the lived space.

The event supported by innovation partner “MegaFon”.